Blind Item of the Day: De nep tranen van Justin Bieber

justinbieberJustin Bieber was ook bij de MTV VMA’s. Het moest zijn grote comeback worden. Meneer is nog steeds een enorme eikel, maar probeert heel hard zijn verschrikkelijk slechte imago op te poetsen. Dus wat doe je dan? Dan ga je dus zogenaamd staan janken op het podium na je optreden. De jankpartij was nog slechter geacteerd dan de gemiddelde aflevering van Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden. Zo erg was het. Enfin hieronder het blind item over het hele gebeuren. Het was dus van tevoren uitgebreid gepland. Alles voor de publiciteit mensen!

‘This singer had a very genuine, emotional moment on last night’s VMAs. Didn’t he? Nope. He PLANNED to break down at the end of his appearance! This is part of the godly, angelic redemption campaign that we’ve told you about numerous times. Did you see how his performance echoed that theme? By the way, he took his emotional cues for this performance from a similar breakdown by a rapper who did his own redemption tour for his criminal acts. Our singer may not be a jailbird, but his bad behavior did make him incredibly unlikable. He needed people to feel sorry for him. Thus the faux breakdown. There is one thing that his team did not do. To preserve the element of surprise, they didn’t tell producers what was going to happen. That’s why the host had such a coherent comeback to another performer’s “surprise”… and such an awkward response to this one!
Singer: Justin Bieber
Rapper: Chris Brown’s meltdown during “Man in the Mirror” at the BET Awards in 2010


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