Blind Item Solved: Lindsay Lohan doet rijke Rus

lohanBegin vorige week stond onderstaand blind item online, waarbij het liefdesleven van Lindsay Lohan (ja, ze leeft nog) werd uitgelicht. Nu ja ‘liefdesleven’, mevrouw is gewoon een duur betaalde  hoer, niets meer en niets minder. Acteren doet ze niet meer, maar moet er wel geld binnen geharkt worden, dus moet dat op een andere manier. Vandaag staat er bij de Amerikaanse Daily News een berichtje over de nieuwe ‘relatie’ van La Lohan en dus klopt het blind item weer helemaal. Hieronder alle smeuïge details over Lindsay, haar rijke Rus en de andere foute figuren waar ze mee omgaat. (Source)

It has been a long time since I devoted this much space to this former almost A- list mostly movie actress. In fact, I’m not sure she has ever garnered the big blind spot of the day. Sure, she has been in countless others, but this is big, even for her. A crossroads in her life. The acting went out the window a long time ago. Sure, there is the occasional effort and she will not throw away a part, but no one is in a rush to hire her. No one knows what they will get and she is not willing to lower her quote to show people she can act. To show people she can show up on time and deliver a performance. She is the one hit wonder who keeps getting second chances because she combined the publicity of a famous for being famous person with an acting resume. For the past couple of years she thought she was moving towards marriage. She was supported for several years with a monthly allowance. The big problem in all of that was despite the fact her boyfriend was married, he is very conservative. Our actress? Not so much. She loves her booze and loves her drugs. He was ok with the booze, but the drugs had to go. What to do? A bunch of minor ailments she would think of to get herself prescription pills. She could live with that. Combined with some booze and she was loving the highs. It took awhile to find the perfect balance but when she did, she was in a groove. This went on for awhile. Everything was moving forward. Then, he found someone else and she tried to win him back and did some things to embarrass him and his family. She started sleeping with his friends. He has to move her aside. So, fast forward. She was running out of money and one of his friends stepped up and took his place.

The thing is, this guy, is a little more aggressive. One of his kinks is rough sex. Rough as in our actress was often left black and blue and unable to go out for several days. Not that he allows her to go out much. He prefers to keep her confined. Very nice confinement, but wants her where he can watch her. Fast forward a little bit more and our actress meets a young guy. A trust fund baby but from a foreign country. He has seen her on the big screen and can’t believe she is interested in him. Of course she is. He has a ton of money and doesn’t care what she does as long as she is faithful to him. She isn’t of course. She still has the rough sex guy to keep on the string in case the trust fund baby doesn’t work out. The trust fund baby decides our actress should meet the dad. The man with the wallet. One thing leads to another and our actress ends up sleeping with the father whenever he comes to town while at the same time sleeping with the son and the rough sex guy. Well, not all at once. Not saying she wouldn’t if the price was right, but she hasn’t. Apparently the dad of the trust fund baby is going through some financial issues.

Pressured by the government of his country he might lose all of his fortune unless he starts spreading out his fortune to those with hands out. He also might end up dead. Our actress heard about that and went back full-time to the rough sex guy. The thing is, he was a little upset about her unfaithfulness and beat her to an inch of her life. So, now she is wavering. She wants the younger guy, but then he could lose his fortune and she would be without anyone. The rough sex guy would not take her back and none of his money friends would either. She would be starting from scratch. A long way from when she first came to our attention.
Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Married guy: Vikram Chatwal
Rough sex guy: Domingo Zapata
Trust fund guy: Egor Tarabasov (born in Russia) 

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