Blind Item

Eva Mendes heeft twee kinderen met acteur Ryan Gosling, maar je ziet ze niet vaak samen op de rode loper. Officieel is het stel nog steeds bij elkaar, maar onofficieel doet Ryan het al maanden met actrice Emma Stone. Grote vraag was vannacht dan ook wie de date van Ryan was, met haar laag uitgesneden jurk. Dat bleek zijn eigen zus te zijn en hieronder de verklaring waarom. Saillant detail: onderstaand blind item stond 3 dagen voor de Oscars al online. Het wordt tijd dat Mendes hem het huis uit schopt. Jezelf wegcijferen voor zo’n overspelige eikel, wij hadden meneer al lang gedumpt.

‘This former B+ list mostly movie actress who has all but disappeared since hooking up with this foreign born A+ list actor had a dress made for the Oscars. If she came though, then our actor couldn’t hook up with who he wanted so she is being forced to stay at home. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone ‘. Source & Source

Beiden zijn getrouwd, maar zouden al heel lang stiekem een verhouding met elkaar hebben, als we de Blind Item pages tenminste mogen geloven: Actrice Mariska Hargitay (beter bekend als Olivia Benson in Law & Order) zou het namelijk al tijden doen met haar ex-collega Christopher Meloni, beter bekend als Elliot Benson. Op Instagram staan al diverse foto’s van het stel. Nota bene op het eigen Instagram account van Hargitay. Tja….

This A- list television couple from a hit network show are certainly taking their relationship to the next level. At least publicly. They certainly don’t do the same thing when talking about their respective spouses. Mariska Hargitay/Christopher Meloni (“Law & Order: SVU”)


creepJe hebt van die blind items waarvan je denkt: ‘Nee, dit kan niet waar zijn’. Toch staat onderstaande item vol met aanwijzingen over de acteur in kwestie. Niemand minder dan George Clooney zou naar verluidt nogal dol zijn op tieners. Hele jonge tieners zelfs. (Er wordt niet aangegeven of het hier om meisjes of jongens gaat). Zelf vinden we de man al een aantal jaren faker dan fake met zijn witte klapper gebitje en soms ook ronduit eng. Dat blijkt dus waarschijnlijk ook een terechte verdenking te zijn. Onderaan het item staan de aanwijzingen uitgelegd en waarom dit naar George Clooney zou kunnen verwijzen. Lees en huiver.

This actor is A+ list. Barely. He has had some paycheck movies as of late that have not done well which may have dropped him to A list. I guess he is a permanent A lister. He is married. If you look back at the past few years, you start to see the whole wife and marriage thing might be more of a cover than an actual marriage. I’m not talking about a beard exactly. I think a few years ago there was a crack in his carefully constructed facade that came thisclose to costing him everything he has. It would have been a far worse result than even anything Mel Gibson has gone through. At some point in time, people will probably forgive Mel Gibson. No one would ever forgive this kind of behavior. Another thing you notice when you look back is that our actor seems to have completely transplanted his friends. He did a cleaning. Much of it was done by his wife, but it was not just a wife not liking the friends, it was wife coming in to try and save everything. The thing is though, the friends that have been replaced by the wife were the non celebrity friends. Most of the celebrity friends dropped out of the friendship when they saw what the actor was doing. He might have been able to hide it from the world, but, he couldn’t hide it from them. Why? They were there when it happened. Well, not watching it happen but were at his place for a party. They were all questioned by the police about what they knew and what they saw. As far as I know, none of them saw anything.

The thing is, they heard the questions being asked. They heard about the 16 year old found close to death. The 16 year old fell off some type of cliff. Naked. In the middle of the night. The 16 year old had been with our actor. At some point, one of the actor’s friends decided he would take a turn. The scene became violent very quickly and the 16 year old managed to make a break for it. In the pitch black night, the 16 year old fell off a cliff. How did they get there? Did anyone see anything? The police were there in the middle of the night, knocking on the doors of the actor’s guests. Most of them probably knew about the other teens and the parties our actor and his friend liked to have with the teens. That fake Mr. Friendly act he uses to appear charming barely masks a sociopath beneath. How many of his past relationships ended shortly after some violent outburst that was chalked up to something innocuous? Nobody ever questions him. He is a movie star. The victims in the relationship were paid their fee and sent on their way with huge consequences if they ever talked about anything they saw or heard. Not a peep has ever been uttered by them. Not one word. A combination of fear and pain and blackmail and the loss of the money he gave them along with a gold bracelet to remember him keeps them mute. It shouldn’t. They must have seen him with other teens. The younger the better, but always legal. It is why he confines his activities to his time outside the country. It is also why he spends so much time in a place where the age of consent is frighteningly low. Bribes and a huge payoff saved him last time. One of these times though he is going to get caught. Things will go too far and someone will be willing to talk on the record about it. George Clooney (Italy’s age of consent is 14) (friend: Rande Gerber)

Mr. Friendly act: George Clooney speelde in de film Good Night and Good Luck ene Fred Friendley.

George Clooney heeft een villa aan Lake Como in Italie. Lake Como heeft rotsen. 

Clooney had een goede vriendschap met Brad Pitt. De vriendschap is inmiddels dunzo.


beverlyhills90210Wij hebben de afgelopen jaren heel veel blind items gelezen, en vaak gingen ze over dezelfde sterren. Onderstaande kenden we echter nog niet en zou naar verluidt gaan over twee acteurs uit de 90’s serie Beverly Hills 90210. Hij is naar, erg naar, als het waar is natuurlijk. Lees en huiver.

“There is no way they could get away today with what they did back in the day. They, are two actors from that 90’s show I have been writing about frequently as of late. I have written about some of their boorish behavior in the past, but this is a time they really went too far. Quite some time ago, I wrote about one of the actors on the show and his love of teens who were well under the legal age of consent. His rule at the time was he liked to be a decade older than the teens he slept with which thankfully, never really happened until he was a little older. Oh, and while he was married. I guess he didn’t want his wife to catch him with a 16 year old.

Anyway, at one party which basically divided men and women from that point forward on the show, the above mentioned actor had found a couple of female teens, probably not much older than 16. I wasn’t there but our old friend from the show said the girls said they were juniors in high school, so that math is probably about right. The teens were groupies and had been waiting all day to see their crush. He obliged by taking photos with them back when you actually used a camera. He signed autographs and even took them to lunch. He then invited them to the party. They arrived with him. The girls had already been drinking. Our actor was infamous for getting his dates drunk. Another of thee actors there had just split with some woman he was dating so he started hitting on the other teen not being molested by the other actor. They kept forcing more booze down the teens until the teens were barely standing.

At that point two of the actresses from the show decided enough was enough and were going to take the girls home, or at least out of the situation. Apparently there was a lot of grabbing of the teens back and forth but some of the guys pulled harder and went to a bedroom in the house with the teens. Apparently they locked the door and then each actor took turns having sex with each of the teens. An hour later the two actors emerged from the bedroom and were ready to party some more. Some of the women still there at the party rushed in and found both of the girls naked and passed out. They helped the girls into clothes and then a friend of our friend took the teens to her place for the night and then dropped them at home the next morning. From that point forward it was basically a war between the men and women on the show. The only exception I know of was one actress who was not at the party and for some reason took the side of the guys at least for a couple of years. She even went to the wedding of one while the rest of the women stayed home.
Show: “Beverly Hills, 90210”
Actor who loved underage teens: Luke Perry (broke up with Kristy Swanson 1992)
Other actor: Ian Ziering
Friend: Shannen Doherty
Two actresses: Tori Spelling; Gabrielle Carteris
Actress who sided with guys: Jennie Garth
Actor’s wedding: Ian Ziering