Nare Blind Item over 90’s serie Beverly Hills 90210

beverlyhills90210Wij hebben de afgelopen jaren heel veel blind items gelezen, en vaak gingen ze over dezelfde sterren. Onderstaande kenden we echter nog niet en zou naar verluidt gaan over twee acteurs uit de 90’s serie Beverly Hills 90210. Hij is naar, erg naar, als het waar is natuurlijk. Lees en huiver.

“There is no way they could get away today with what they did back in the day. They, are two actors from that 90’s show I have been writing about frequently as of late. I have written about some of their boorish behavior in the past, but this is a time they really went too far. Quite some time ago, I wrote about one of the actors on the show and his love of teens who were well under the legal age of consent. His rule at the time was he liked to be a decade older than the teens he slept with which thankfully, never really happened until he was a little older. Oh, and while he was married. I guess he didn’t want his wife to catch him with a 16 year old.

Anyway, at one party which basically divided men and women from that point forward on the show, the above mentioned actor had found a couple of female teens, probably not much older than 16. I wasn’t there but our old friend from the show said the girls said they were juniors in high school, so that math is probably about right. The teens were groupies and had been waiting all day to see their crush. He obliged by taking photos with them back when you actually used a camera. He signed autographs and even took them to lunch. He then invited them to the party. They arrived with him. The girls had already been drinking. Our actor was infamous for getting his dates drunk. Another of thee actors there had just split with some woman he was dating so he started hitting on the other teen not being molested by the other actor. They kept forcing more booze down the teens until the teens were barely standing.

At that point two of the actresses from the show decided enough was enough and were going to take the girls home, or at least out of the situation. Apparently there was a lot of grabbing of the teens back and forth but some of the guys pulled harder and went to a bedroom in the house with the teens. Apparently they locked the door and then each actor took turns having sex with each of the teens. An hour later the two actors emerged from the bedroom and were ready to party some more. Some of the women still there at the party rushed in and found both of the girls naked and passed out. They helped the girls into clothes and then a friend of our friend took the teens to her place for the night and then dropped them at home the next morning. From that point forward it was basically a war between the men and women on the show. The only exception I know of was one actress who was not at the party and for some reason took the side of the guys at least for a couple of years. She even went to the wedding of one while the rest of the women stayed home.
Show: “Beverly Hills, 90210”
Actor who loved underage teens: Luke Perry (broke up with Kristy Swanson 1992)
Other actor: Ian Ziering
Friend: Shannen Doherty
Two actresses: Tori Spelling; Gabrielle Carteris
Actress who sided with guys: Jennie Garth
Actor’s wedding: Ian Ziering



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