Jennifer Lopez

jenniferHet is een blind item wat al jarenlang rondgaat op het internet. Elk jaar worden er meer aanwijzingen gegeven, waardoor het nu wel duidelijk is dat het over Jennifer Lopez gaat. La Lopez zou namelijk niet zelf zingen op haar albums, noch tijdens haar live optredens. Sterker nog ze doet al jaren een Milli Vanilli, dat wil zeggen dat iemand anders op haar cd’s de liedjes vol zingt en zijzelf de boel bij elkaar playbackt. Het is haast niet te geloven, maar toch zou het zo zijn. Hieronder en na de break het hele lange item, met de aanwijzingen van de afgelopen jaren. Schocking!

“Let me preface this post, by saying that if this story ever comes out, it would blow the music world up and shake it to its core. This would put the Milli Vanilli scandal and Ashlee Simpson SNL situation so far down the ladder it would be crazy. Towards the end of last year I had a woman come into my office and she began to explain what she had done and had been doing for several years and it was one of the very few times that I just could not believe what I was hearing. I know the music industry inside and out, and I had never heard of something so extensive and pervasive as this.

This woman (S) came into my office because the payments she had been receiving had stopped and she wanted to either get the money that was owed to her, or expose what she had been doing to the light of day. S is a sessions/studio/backup singer and is very good. Prior to her involvement in what I am going to describe, she made a very good living singing on commercials and being a backup singer for groups and other solo acts, etc. Like I said she is very good, but she does not really have that “look” which would make her a star, so record companies did not put her out front, but just used her talents. In late 2000, a man came to her one day and said he needed someone to record some demos because he had written a lot of songs, but wanted a demo to shop the songs to singers and record labels. This is not unusual at all and she had done this type of work before and it paid pretty well so she agreed. What was unusual about her recording of the demos was how much work was put into the actual recordings. It was extensive. Generally there is not much time put into the recordings because you never really know if the song will even sell, and the money spent on recording could be put to better uses. These demos she was recording were actually being treated as if they were going to be released on a CD or to radio. They even did some mixing which was REALLY unusual.

After a few weeks she had recorded about over a dozen songs and she went on her way and was really oblivious to anything else pertaining to it, UNTIL several months later she was in her car and heard her voice coming from the radio, only it was another singer being given credit. (We will call this other singer MV for Milli Vanilli) She could not believe what she was hearing and did not know whether to be excited to hear herself on the radio, confused about the credit given to another singer or just ****** off for the same reasons. What she did do, was to call the man who had originally come to her and had her record the songs. The man agreed to meet her and gave her a substantial sum of money and promised to keep giving her money every month as long as she kept her mouth shut. MV was taking off. (MV has/had several Top 40 songs and CD’s. They could have gone to #1 or languished in the 30’s. I really cannot go into much more detail or else it would be too easy to discover.)

MV was everywhere…on television, radio, awards shows, commercials, EVERYWHERE ..meanwhile, S continued to get money every month and kept her little secret to herself. The guy who picked S was VERY lucky. Most singers would have caused a fuss, but S has always been in the background and was resigned to the fact she always would be, and was very happy just taking the $$, and did not want that to stop. About 9 months go by and S is called by the guy because MV is going on tour and they want S to record some extra mixes and such for the tour. She agrees and does not really do much, but money is money.

Vannacht werden er in Los Angeles de belangrijke American Music Awards uitgereikt, wat weer geweldige taferelen op de rode loper opleverde. Wannabe celebs, modellen (want die kunnen natuurlijk ook geweldig zingen) en meer van dat spul. De jurkjes waren weer erg opvallend en wij hebben de meest lelijke voor je uitgezocht. De touwtjes jurk van Jennifer Lopez was echt vreselijk. De zangeres presenteerde het geheel en dook van de ene jurk in de andere, tijdens de show. Hoe bloter hoe beter moet ze gedacht hebben, wij waren een ietwat andere mening toegedaan. Meer ellende na de break. (Source)